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Our calling as a Catholic, Holy Cross school requires an intentional and active approach to dismantle systems of oppression, one rooted in Jesus' teachings and our shared goal of creating a socially just world. Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (SJEI) is the vehicle through which we will carry out this calling. It will impact all facets of the school community, in holistic fulfillment of our spiritual, academic, and social mission.

Meet & Greet

Meet the Director and support staff of the Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion program and hear more about this important program.

This event occurred Oct. 18

Goals of SJEI at Saint Francis

The overarching goals of SJEI at Saint Francis are to:

  • Promote student life that embraces and leverages attributes of each individual’s culture to create a new, shared beloved community

  • Implement a values-based curriculum that highlights awareness of bias to create leaders of impact

  • Create supportive systems that promote positive school climate and fully inclusive school policies and practices

  • Develop confidence in employees to recognize and effectively confront inequities

  • Engage the greater school community in an exploration of privilege, systems of oppression, and inclusive practices

  • Attract and retain students and employees committed to Catholic teachings of equity and inclusion

  • Analyze macro- and micro-level data to objectively review policies and practices

  • Ensure fulfillment of and adherence to the school’s vision and mission

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