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Apply to Saint Francis in 5 Steps


Online Application

The first step of the application process is creating an account through Ravenna Hub.

After you create your account with Ravenna Solutions, select San Francisco Bay Area as your school region and search for Saint Francis High School.

The Online Application includes extracurricular interests, three essays, and registration for the HSPT and interview. This application must be submitted by Friday, December 11. 



Every applicant is required to sign up for an interview as part of the online application process. During this casual 15-minute interview, students will have an opportunity to talk with a Saint Francis teacher or administrator about their interests and goals for high school.

Interviews will be offered in mid January, 2021 and will take place in the evening after school and will be either conducted virtually or in person. Students will register for their interview on the online application.


Academic Letters of Recommendation

  • Saint Francis requires two academic letters of recommendation. These letters may be completed by one of the following people: principal, counselor or 7th or 8th grade teacher of a core subject (English, math, social studies, etc.)

  • These letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically with the online application.

  • Non-academic letters of recommendation are not required, but if you would like to submit one, we will add it to the applicant’s file.



Under current COVID conditions, the High Schools in the Diocese of San Jose are requesting the 6th, 7th and 8th grade transcripts.

While this is a change from previous years, the rationale behind the request is so that we have more data by which we can access the growth of the applicant. For many students and schools, the Spring semester of 2020 involved disrupted learning and assessment. It is reasonable to forecast that the Fall semester of 2020 will be, for many schools, a transition time as well.

*We are not looking at the 6th grade report in isolation, but as a starting point to track student growth from 6th grade through the first semester of the 8th grade year.

Please print and complete the Request for Academic Records Form (available on your student's Ravenna profile) and give it to your school's registrar.

The transcripts need to be either submitted electronically or e-mailed directly to Saint Francis High School.


The High School Placement Test (HSPT)

In past years, the HSPT was a requirement for all 8th grade applicants. Due to COVID-19 the high schools in the Diocese of San Jose are considering all options for the High School Placement Test. It is our desire to make an informed and timely decision that is best for the students and schools. We plan to communicate our decision regarding the test on October 23rd. During these unprecedented times please know that we are keeping your student’s best interests in mind as we consider all of the testing options.

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